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Sarah, 6-month GetResponse customer
BIG, BIG improvement!
Please, don’t take me back to the old editor!
Chris, 3-year GetResponse customer
This is much, much better! Easy flow, it enables me to build amazing emails, and the preview feature works great! Keep rolling it out! 
Tom, 2-year GetResponse customer
What I love the most is the simplicity of the design! I love the new drag-and-drop smoothness.
Thanks guys!
Check how easy it is to create high-converting emails with our new drag-and-drop editor. Build your newsletter from scratch effortlessly. Use new layouts and structures, or choose one of our predesigned templates.
What’s new in the email creator?
World’s easiest just got easier
Save and name repeatable parts of your email in the My Blocks section. Then easily search for and use them again in the future. You can also save an entire message as a template and access it whenever you want with the new Templates tab.

As the world goes mobile, so should
your newsletters. Check our brand
new mobile customization features
and send beautiful messages perfectly
suited for any device.
Stunning emails for any device
Say goodbye to basic and boring fonts, now you can elevate your creativity with hundreds of Google fonts.

Choose from 5,000 free photos from Shutterstock! Make all the necessary edits, apply filters, add text, change colors, and impress your audience like never before.
All-in-one marketing integrated in one convenient space
GetResponse goes beyond email marketing. In your account, you have access to tons of features like landing pages, webinars, funnels, marketing automation, and CRM. Now it all works seamlessly together as an integrated machine.
If you want to drive traffic to your online store, landing page or webinar, you don’t have to stop working on email. Choose the element you want to share inside the creator. Save time, save money, all while increasing your sales.
See everything in one place with the convenient Newsletter Create page. You'll see your subject line, message preview, recipients, and other important settings there.

Automatically add products and services to your message with the Product Box. Grab your audience's attention with sleek and customizable design, showcase your offer details, and enable instant sales.

Sell products like never before
* Available November 2019
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**Please note that this is the BETA version of the creator, enabling you to create newsletters only. 
We are working hard to add the ability to create all message types with the new creator.
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